Date of Birth: 10-14-2008
Country: Mongolia

The family is large, consists of six children and parents. They are living at relatives in a ger district. The father doesn't have a permanent job, occasionally he's employed at car repair & car washing shop, receives meager salary combined with government child support allowance they are barely able to meet the daily demand. The mother stays home with two young children.

Otgonbayar's physical and mental health was normal upon admission.

The informal school is operated under the Metropolitan governor office and is focused on lifelong equal education for school dropouts who were abandoned from the course of study or who were rejected from the conventional society to pursue an alternative lifestyle. The students however have aspiration to receive complete secondary education. Due to family poor condition and neglect from the parents, Otgonbayar was dropped out of school. Now he attends informal school and eager to catch missed schooling.

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