Date of Birth: 10-27-2011
Country: India

Gangothri?s family background is pathetic and deplorable. Her father is doing agriculture work and earns a meager income which is not at all sufficient to support the family or provide them with even one square meal a day. The mother is a housewife and she tries her best to make the most of what is at hand, but there is no sign of improvement in their living conditions. Finally, they approached Vathsalya Charitable Trust seeking educational sponsorship for their daughter.

Gangothri is healthy and normal with no medical issues.

Gangothri hails from a large family consisting of eight members: father, mother, grandmother, two elder sisters who are studying in I Pre-university Course and Grade 6 respectively and two elder brothers who are studying in grade 6 and 5 respectively. They live in a rented house.

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