Date of Birth: 12-25-2010
Country: India

As a single parent, Meghala?s mother finds it difficult to manage the family. In order to meet the medical expenses, she has taken a big sum of loan which she is struggling to clear. The maternal uncle has his own family and he is unable to provide them with their basic necessities of life such as food and clothing. Finally, the mother approached VCT for this child?s education sponsorship.

She is active and healthy.

Meghala is studying in grade 3 at Modern Public English school. Meghala?s family consists of three members including her mother and a brother. Her father has deserted the family since two years. The mother lost her one leg after she met with an accident six months ago. Currently they are taken care of by her maternal uncle who works in a photo frame work shop. They live in a rented house.

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