Date of Birth: 10-27-2010
Country: India

As per child information her father works as a farmer. Her mother committed suicide when she was small because of family issues. She has two elder sisters here and she was also brought to Christy girls home. The nuns? sisters are taking care of these kids with great love.

She was born with physical handicap as her both feet are small and she is lame. She underwent a surgery last year on her right foot which has a major deformity. Doctor said to operate in young age she could fully recovered.

Saniha is studying in 3rd grade. She stays in Christy girl's home at Kolar. She is a malnourished child. She was left to die, and her father has terminal illness and didn?t take care of the child. Her mother expired when she was small. She has two other elder sisters. When we visited her family, we found that she is very much in need of our care. So she was brought to Christy girls home. From here she started her school.

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