Simran Begum

Simran Begum

Date of Birth: 10-27-2008
Country: India

The child is in the 4th grade and is studying in Nirmala Primary Kannada School. She has three siblings, one older and two younger sisters. The parents are wanting to educate the children. Due to financial difficulties they approached us for educational support.

The child is in good health and has no medical concern at the time of admission. The parents are also is in good health and have no health issues.

Simran's father is a daily worker. In between he sells vegetables, goes for painting and does plumbing works to make a living. In all these he could not make any profit. Currently he is working as a carpet maker and mother is a home maker. The family consists of 5 members and they live in a rented house at Bangalore. The family is economically poor. Father?s income is not regular and hence difficulty to satisfy the basic demands of the household.

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