Date of Birth: 10-01-2011
Country: India

The caseworker did Tejaswi?s home visit, there was 1 room of tin shed. Their financial condition is not that up to the mark. The family adjusts in that house. By providing educational support to Tejaswi their financial problem can be reduced.

Tejaswi?s mental and physical health upon admission was good. Appropriate developments were seen and she is able to walk, run and talk properly with others.

In this coming academic year Tejaswi is in 2nd standard. Her school teacher referred her name for educational support. Total six members live in the family, Tejaswi, her grandmother and parents and two siblings. Tejaswi?s father is a driver and mother works as a domestic servant. They have to take care and meet the needs of three children. The monthly income of the family is less to meet the needs of the family. So we have decided to take Tejaswi under our educational support.

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