Date of Birth: 12-01-2011
Country: India

Gayatri?s financial condition at home is not so good; they live in very small one room house. Their family income is not sufficient for the educational expenses. So seeing Gayatri?s financial problem we have decided to take her for educational sponsorship.

Gayatri?s both physical and mental health condition are good; she has specs and is able to do other physical activities like walking, running and jump etc. Her height is growing up according to her age.

In next academic year Gayatri will be studying in 2nd std; her school teacher gives the reference to the institution for educational sponsorship. Her father is working as carpenter and mother is a home-maker but does some art work which is based on festival; it is not permanent but seasonal. Her parents are not much educated, both are school drop-out and have four daughters. Elder daughter is studying in college now; other two daughters are studying in secondary school. They live in their own house with two rooms. There are total six members in family. Depending upon their family background their financial stability is low and so it will be great help of educational support to Gayatri. That?s why the social-worker decided for educational sponsorship. Gayatri?s family environment is good; her mother keeps house neat and clean.

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