Date of Birth: 09-19-2007
Country: India

The family is unable to take responsibility of all the children?s education, thus Vitthal is included under sponsorship.

Vitthal was found physically and mentally healthy upon admission.

Lokprayay is an NGO, working for tribes and landless people in Vajapur Taluka in Aurangabad. Poverty, lack of education, early marriage, droughts, are major issues for these people. For work, these families migrate from their house for 8 to 10 months per year. So "Lokprayay" has started a hostel called Bal Ananad Jeevan Shala for their school-going children to continue their education. BSSK has given support to Lokprayay?s children under educational sponsorship. Vitthal stays at Ngo. His parents are farmers. They have irregular income. He has 2 siblings in school.

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