Date of Birth: 05-04-2010
Country: Ethiopia

Zinash is living with her parents. Her father is a farmer in rural area at Gemesha Keble which is far from the urban area and her mother is house wife. Zinash is the fifth child from her siblings in their family. She has two brothers and three sisters. All her siblings are students in other public school. Zinash is a grade one student academically she is good. Zinash is a good speaker of both languages (verbal and non-verbal communications).

Zinash is a partial deaf child. In 2014 she was sick and she took a medical treatment from Dubo private hospital but she lost her hearing status.

Zinash has joined Yesus Mena deaf school for the first time with her mother because she has no income to teach her child due to poor economic background. Her parents are living in poor economic standard.

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