Date of Birth: 01-12-2011
Country: Ethiopia

Mekides is living with both parents in a family size of 7. She is the fourth child in the family and has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Her family earns a little income from subsistence farming which is not enough to sustain the whole family. So that, they are not able to address the basic and educational material needs of the child. However, the family strongly believes that education creates an opportunity for a better future so now the child joined Wallana KG.

Mekides is a healthy child, both physically and mentally.

Mekides's family is not capable of addressing her educational needs due to their poor economic status. She has joined school by her father as there is no access for free, quality and preschool education where the child is residing. The opening of Wallana KG and the child's enrollment in Holt's sponsorship program helps the child to pursue her education.

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