Date of Birth: 09-16-2009
Country: China

Fan Ru lives with her grandparents and her younger cousin. Her parents were divorced. Her father is working and remarried in ZheJiang province. He occasionally talks with Fan Ru on the phone and doesn?t afford her living expenses. Fan Ru?s grandparents are farmer and earn very little money . They need to pay 100 RMB for their house rent. Fan Ru recieves 150 RMB per month from the local government according to the local welfare system. She needs around 70 RMB for meals in a month.

Fan Ru had extensive burn scar on her right hand and her right breast when our caseworker first met her.

Fan Ru Zeng is introduced to us by the local Ministry of Civil Affairs charity. It is insufficient for her tuition fee and her daily living expense. Therefore, we decided to bring her into our family strengthening program.

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