Date of Birth: 12-05-2007
Country: China

The factory where his mother used to work would offer his mother 100 yuan a month for living, and the local government gives the family 1230RMB per month for a living according to the local welfare policy.

Zi Kun Hu is in good health. He doesn't see a doctor recently. Zi Kun studies hard at school. He got good grade in the final exam of last semester.He has several good friends in his class, some boys and some girls. He likes to play with them.He likes read???

Zi Kun Hu was an elementary school student when he was brought into our family strengthening program. His mother got mental disease and needs to take medicine to control it, his mother was unable to communicate properly.His father had surgery to remove a trigeminal tumor in July 2015, and also had eyes problem, so he has no ability to work. In the daytime, his grandma came to take care of his mother.

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