Date of Birth: 10-27-2010
Country: Cambodia

Rithy is the third child in his family and he has other five siblings. He is living with his parents, siblings, and his aunt?s family who has other four members. His father is a worker at ethnic minority company.His mother sells Khmer cakes. Rithy?s aunt and her husband prepare Khmer cakes for Rithy's mother for selling. Rithy?s older sister is studying in grade 6 at Chomrouen Roth primary school and his older brother is studying in grade 4. One of his younger brothers is studying in grade 1 and the other two of his younger brothers do not yet go to school. Rithy?s family has their own house.

During admission, Rithy's physical and mental are fine. He does not have any chronic illness. His physical appearance looks good, his clothes, hair, finger nails, toenails are clean but some time he does not wear the shoes when he is at home.

Rithy was introduced to Holt program by her neighbor. Base on assessment, we saw that this family has many children that need to go to school but they are a poor family and they cannot have enough ability to support with their children?s study. He is getting good take care from his parents.

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