Date of Birth: 10-18-2008
Country: Cambodia

Thida's parents do not have a regular occupation. They have an on and off career from collecting the lotus leaf. Her father raise chicken to help the family in providing food for their children and allowances in going to school. They are living in a simple life among other families in Lu 6 village. They live in a small house made of wood on a rented land. They do not have their own land to build a house or to make a farm.

She had normal weight and height upon enrollment to the Holt program. Her immunization is not updated thus, social worker encourage her parents to take care of their children and asking for information about immunization on time.

Thida's family is very poor. They were referred by the key person of child protection in the village. Thida gets good take care from her parents, even though her family has problem about nutrition and bad environment surrounding.

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