Oudom Satya

Oudom Satya

Date of Birth: 11-22-2011
Country: Cambodia

Oudom Satya was enrolled into the program by Commune Committee for Women and Children because his family situation is poor. The family is classified as poor level 2 that could access to government hospital and other public services for free. Nowadays he lives with his parents in their own house. His father works as a driver and his mother works as a garment worker. They hardly earn enough money to support their basic needs and education.

During admission into the program he does not have symptom of illness. His physical and mental health is good. Oudom Satya?s physical development is good, in accordance to his age.

He is taken care by his grandmother in his own house. His parents are busy to work, they work hard to earn money to support their family, but they cannot support enough schooling materials and uniform for their children.

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