Date of Birth: 10-27-2013
Country: Cambodia

Chanry lives with her parents, two brothers, and two sisters. Her father is a construction worker, and earns USD 160 a month, but it is not regular. Her mother is hired to harvest and plant the rice plant, and earns USD 5 a day, but her works depends on season of growing and harvesting only. The amount of money is not surely support everyone in the family, especially their children?s education and daily foods. Having seen the difficulties, we decided to enroll Chanry in our educational sponsorship program. Your sponsorship with give her the food, clothing, school supplies, medical care and family support they need.

She looked physically and mentally fine at the time of enrollment into the program. She does not sanitize and dress well yet. She drinks unsafe water without boiling.

Chanry was introduced into our program by the office of Commune Committee for Women and Children (CCWC) because her family is one of the poor families in the communities. She has not sufficient food to eat and lacks in proper education.

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