Date of Birth: 08-06-2011
Country: Cambodia

Raeksa lives with her grandmother. Her father passed away since she was a baby. After that her mother moves to work in Thailand and left her to live with grandmother. Her mother now has new family and does not support her daughter. Her grandmother does not have a permanent job, she just raising chickens and grow crop at her home. Grandmother is 60 years old now, she cannot work hard. She is often gets hurt with her knees when she tries to work hard. She has to take care other two grandchildren that their parents also move to work in Thailand but they send some money to support their children. Holt assessed the family and enrolled them into the program.

Reaksa sometimes gets cold or fever and she gets better after her grandmother give her some medicine and take care her well.

Reaksa family is one of venerable families in the village. Reaksa was placed with grandmother since she was a baby. According to grandmother, Reaksa?s mother married to second husband and her father passed a way since Reaksa was young.

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