Date of Birth: 09-03-2010
Country: Philippines

She is now six years old, the 2nd child among the 4 siblings in the family. Her father is a high school, graduate and works as a security guard while her mother is a second year college. But needs to stay home as a plain house wife to take good care of the children; the youngest child is only 2 years old. The income of the father is not enough to sustain the basic needs of the family.

During the interview, Cassandra Mae was a healthy a chubby child and had no signs of any illness. While interviewing her mother, Cassandra Mae played with her cousin; she was strong and active.

Cassandra Mae?s mother was referred by the barangay council. The KBF FCOP staff including day care workers interviewed the family and was assessed and found that they are eligible for the program.

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