Date of Birth: 03-21-2011
Country: Cambodia

Riya lives with her mother, grandfather and three siblings. She is the third child in her family. Her father is working in Thailand. He works as a construction worker, he always sends money for his family every month. He is not often comes to visit his family because he needs to pay a lot for traveling. Her mother is a seller, she sells Khmer cake at the market where is near her house. She earns about $5 to $7.5 a day. She sometimes cannot go to sell because she got dizzy or headache as she does not have enough rest. Riya?s mother has to take care of her father who is 67 years old. They are all live in the same house. Holt assessed the family and enrolled them into to the program. We support them emergency food, school material, school uniform, and give them some capital to start up a small business (sell vegetable).

She is 25kg and 128cm. She looks well and very active. She sometimes gets fever and cold. When she gets sick, her mother gives her some medicines and take care her well.

We selected Riya into the program because she comes from a poor family in Beng village. Their family does not have ability to support her education.

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