Date of Birth: 10-09-2014
Country: Vietnam

Knowing about their circumstance, Holt-VN supported the family to pay partial school meals for her since Nov. 2015.

Yen Nhi was healthy upon admission.

Chu Yen Nhi was born in a family facing with difficulties. Her older brother is 6 years old and is learning at 1st grade. Her grandparents are living with her family. Her grandmother has calcification of her spine and she has been using medicine daily with the cost of 12 US dollars per month. The main income of 6 members is based on cultivating 360 m2 of rice field which gives them approximately 250 pounds of rice per six months and raising 2 pigs which give them approximately 80 US dollars per four months. With tight income, they don't have enough money to pay school meals for Nhi.

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