Date of Birth: 03-31-2008
Country: Vietnam

Ngan?s father used to be the sole breadwinner in the family but he passed away in October, 2017 due to cirrhosis. Ngan?s older sister is a waitress at a coffee shop in Ho Chi Minh City. Her monthly wage is about 130 USD, Ngan?s sister sends 44 USD to her family every month. Ngan?s mother earns money by knitting chairs and harvesting coconuts with monthly wage of 79 USD. The mother also spends a significant amount of time with housework and taking Ngan back and forth between home and school. They have not afforded both basic expenses and the child?s school fees every month.

Ngan has normal mental and physical health.

Ngan?s family has difficult situation, they do not afford their family basic expenses and the child?s school fees at the same time. Local authority referred their case to Holt with hope of easing parts of their economic burden and encouraging the child to school.

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