Date of Birth: 10-29-2005
Country: Mongolia

They live in a Ger dwelling which is in a poor condition. Her father died when she was 10 years old. The mother is unemployed. They live with only child welfare income from Government which is not enough. So they don't have hot meal everyday and have not enough coal to make warm their Ger dwelling.

On whole, she was healthy during admission.

The family lives in the outskirts of city and are poor. The family couldn't provide medical service, nutritious food and other necessary supplies. The family's child is school dropout, now she is attending the Red Stone Informal school. The "Communication Development Center", a local NGO, provides housing for operating school. Holt International started a project to help children who are from vulnerable families and support their education, and provide hot meal to the students at the Informal school. Byambasuren is one of the student who attends Informal school.

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