Date of Birth: 02-17-2009
Country: Cambodia

The family owns little farmland and the yields getting from farming is inadequate for family needs. Child?s uncle is addicted to alcohol and doesn?t do any job. Sophaktra?s aunt does farming. In addition, she wants to raise chickens, and pigs more to support family but she has no capital and lacks of experience. During enrollment in program, she hopes to receive the knowledge and capital assistance for business startup.

Sophaktra has medium-white skin. She looks thin, tall, has dried skin due to lacking of nutrition.

Sophaktra lives with her uncle who uses alcohol everyday. He always leaves home every morning and returns at evening. Sometime he does domestic violence and especially the main income is from her aunt only. She hardly earns enough money to support the basic needs and keep children for schooling. So her aunt is hired to do farming such as transplanting rice and harvesting in community.

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