Date of Birth: 08-24-2015
Country: Vietnam

The mother sells worship products, the income from the sale is about $50 / month, because she struggles to support her children alone, her mother works as a motorbike shipper to earn extra income, and her work is hard. Total income per month is about $100 / month. With the tight income, the family is worrying about their children's care, nurturing and learning costs in the future. During our visit, the family would like to receive capital support to buy more worship products to generate their income.

Huy is healthy and has no medical or physical problem. He is studying at My Hung kindergarten.

Huy was born on Aug 24th, 2015, into a family with difficult circumstances and is a near-poor household in the locality. He has 3 siblings. The father left home to the South 2 years ago and the mother does not know his whereabouts. Currently, Huy and her mother, siblings, are living in a narrow house without any worthy assets. Every day the grandmother has to help take care of the grandchildren so that the mother can go to work.

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