Date of Birth: 12-02-2012
Country: Vietnam

During our discussion with the mother and local caseworkers, we decided to provide capital for the mother to raise chickens.

However, she does not have a stable job but just works for hire in a wood workshop and earn $100/ month. The family also transplants 360 m2 of rice field that providing them 1 quintal of rice per six months. Meanwhile she has to send the two children to k???

Dang Thi Ngoc Na was born on December 2nd, 2012; she is the second child in a poor family with 3 children. Na has a brother born in 2013 and a sister born in 2010. The circumstance of the family is very difficult that really needs our financial assistance to stabilize in the future. The father?s health is not good. He suffers from pain in spinal bone since he had motorbike fallen in 2007. He cannot go to work to earn living. The mother now is the sole earner to support for all 5 members in the family.

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