Date of Birth: 11-25-2009
Country: India

Her father had a road accident seven years ago and had fractured his right leg. He is unable to do construction work, but drives an auto-rickshaw (a three wheeler) which fetches him very little income. The mother supplements the family income by working as a house maid. But they are unable to make ends meet. Having no other resources but keen on providing education to this child, they appealed to Vathsalya Charitable Trust for assistance.

She is healthy and active at the time of admission.

Aishwarya is studying at Nirmala School. Aishwarya belongs to a poor family which consists of her parents and her two elder siblings. Abishak, her brother is in Grade 8 and sister Nagaveni in Grade 7. They migrated from Gulbarga district and live in a rented house.

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