Date of Birth: 10-11-2010
Country: Cambodia

Leakhena lives with her grandparents and two uncle. This family lives in a small house (4x6 m) which made of zinc wall and zinc roof rusty. They have rice land a little bit to grow rice and the rice product could not supply for a whole year. The family lives depend on farming and growing vegetable a little bit. Her parents left her stay with the grandparents to work at the province and since then did not get any information from them anymore. Her grandparents do not have job. Her uncle dropped out of school at the young age so that to find a job to support the family. He is the breadwinner of the family; he works in the factory, and earns USD 95 a month. This amount of money is not surely support everyone in the family. The family lives in a difficult situation, lacking of foods, rice and money to support their children. Therefore, Leakhena needs sponsorship in order to support her education.

She has not had any mental and physical health was fine upon enrollment.

Leakhena was selected through the recommendation from her neighbor and village chief. The family is poor. Because of the family's bad financial situation, the child does not get sufficient nutrition intake. She also lacks in proper education.

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