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When you sponsor a child, you affect their life powerfully. You bless them for the long-haul and make an eternal impact.

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For $34 a month, your sponsorship provides an orphan or a child from an impoverished community with the food, clothing, school supplies, medical care and family support they need. Your advocacy gives a child everything they need to grow up safe and healthy and escape poverty forever.

Vietnam | Girl
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I'm 4!
My birthday is 06-22-2016!
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Mongolia | Boy
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I'm 5!
My birthday is 12-03-2014!
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Uganda | Boy
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I'm 10!
My birthday is 10-30-2010!
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Ethiopia | Boy
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I'm 8!
My birthday is 01-28-2012!
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Child Sponsorship FAQs

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Why is Child Sponsorship Important to Me?

The reason I love writing music is because it can affect people powerfully — for a moment, an hour or even as long as the music exists.

The same can be said for sponsorship. When a child gets a sponsor, their life is changed for the long-haul. And their life will affect generations after them. Those who sponsor a child before they are adopted, or sponsors who help a child's birth family to become stable, are not just providing a temporary blessing. They provide a life-altering foundation for families with eternal impact.

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