Post Adoption for Adoptive Parents

File Copies

Holt may be able to provide you with a copy of your child’s documents from your U.S. file. This is usually the same information provided to you during the adoption proces

Birth Family Search

For some Adoptees, a search for birth family may be possible. If your adult adoptee has decided to search, there are many ways you can provide support during the process.


Proving U.S. citizenship is becoming an issue for many Adoptees, and Holt would like to help you solve any issues you may be encountering, including issues with social security or U.S. passports. We may be able to determine your status, provide document copies, and help replace lost certificates.


If you are considering a visit to a birth county, please contact Holt. We have various opportunities for tours and connecting you to in country staff during your visit.

Counseling & Referral

Everyone sometimes feels the need for an empathetic listener and expert advice. One of our social workers can assist you in determining what resources you may need and how to go about obtaining them. We want to help.


Holt knows the importance of maintaining a connection between Adoptees, birth families and foster families. Even if birth/foster families aren’t known, adoptees can have a letter and photo placed into their file should their birth family ever contact Holt.

Background & Historical Information

This includes the history of Harry & Bertha Holt, and Holt’s work in around the world.


Links, books, and other resources that may be helpful to you can be found here!