Parenting Adoptees

The objective of this curriculum is to help you understand the unique aspects of parenting an international Adoptee. We hope to raise your awareness of the racism that many Adoptees face, and to provide information and resources to help your child develop a positive Adoptee identity. Through academic research and our professional work, Holt has learned that previous generations of adoptive parents lacked adequate preparation around issues of racism and the importance of Adoptee identity. These can be uncomfortable topics to discuss, but if you hope to develop a strong and intimate relationship, it’s vital that you talk openly and honestly with your child about these challenging aspects of being an adoptive family.

This section of the curriculum is set up differently than other chapters of Holt’s Parents in Process pre-adoption education. Through webinars, videos, and articles, you will learn about issues related to race, adoption, and language. At the end of each section, we’ve prepared questions to help you reflect on the work you’ve done. We ask that each parent think about the supplemental questions separately and then discuss them as a couple.

This portion of the curriculum is intended to challenge you — and perhaps take you outside of your comfort zone — in the hope that at the end, you will be better equipped to navigate the complexities of being a family created through international adoption. Please let your social worker know if you have any questions, or would like additional information as you prepare for your child’s arrival into your family.


Things to Consider When Adopting: Racial and Adoptee Identity


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