We are pleased to announce that we have recently updated our resource list for adoptive parents. It is a comprehensive list of specific books and websites on various adoption issues. Please take some time to check it out…. Read More

Raising Black Boys

Raising Black Boys Roundtable event now available on Soundcloud. Last February, Holt International and Boys and Girls Aid of Portland collaborated to facilitate “Raising Black Boys: A roundtable discussion” for adoptive parents and adoption professionals. This was a… Read More

What Adoptees Wish Their Parents Knew – A Free Webinar

What Adoptees Wish Their Parents Knew: The challenges of effective communication. A rebroadcast of the popular 2012 webinar You’re Invited. A Free, Informational Webinar When: October 9th at 5pm PST. Where: Join us online! Hosted by: The Holt… Read More

Communication series: Parents and adoptees talk adoption

A free, informational webinar WHEN: June 26, 2014. 5pm PST As we continue our series on communicating about adoption, Holt’s post adoption services team presents a panel discussion featuring two sets of parents and adoptees. Hear the same… Read More

Is My Child a U.S. Citizen? – What Adoptive Parents Should Know

A Free, Informational Webinar When: August 6th, 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time Every day in the Post Adoption Services Department, our phones ring and inboxes fill with questions from adoptive families and adult adoptees. Inquiries include everything from file… Read More

Habits for a Happy and Healthy Mealtime

By SPOON Foundation Shared mealtimes are a critical way to deepen attachment whether you have a 5 month old or a 15 year old. But the dinner table is not always an easy place for adopted or foster… Read More


Last year, we began charging for post adoption webinars, hoping to defray some of the costs associated with presenting them.  However, as the Post Adoption Services Department is committed to providing quality education to all of our families,… Read More

You Ain’t Crazy – The Impact of Parenting a Child from a Hard Place

April 23rd at 5PM PST Holt is excited to bring you Jayne Schooler, MSB, author, educator, child advocate, project coordinator and her enlightening webinar based on her book “Wounded Children, Healing Homes.” When a child with a history… Read More

Where They Once Called Home: Insights into Homeland Tours

If you are thinking about, or planning, a trip to your child’s birth country, there is more to consider than travel. Learn from adopted people and adoptive parents who have taken the trip. Along with practical advice, they… Read More

“May I Have This Dance?” Webinar

Have you ever felt like you are doing the tango and your teen is doing Hip Hop?  Please join Holt’s presentations on Adolescent Attachment and get your moves in the groove! Join the dance with “Smooth Moves for Parents”… Read More