Adoption Nutrition: Cerebral Palsy

By SPOON Foundation  Children with cerebral palsy (CP) are at high risk for feeding difficulties and resulting malnutrition. Feeding difficulties in children with CP can include difficulties with drinking liquids, swallowing, and/or chewing. Causes of Nutrition and Feeding… Read More

Adoption Nutrition: Hoarding Food

By SPOON Foundation Hoarding food is a common behavior in children who have been deprived of adequate sustenance early in life. It can manifest in many ways, including hiding food around the house, overeating even to the point… Read More

Habits for a Happy and Healthy Mealtime

By SPOON Foundation Shared mealtimes are a critical way to deepen attachment whether you have a 5 month old or a 15 year old. But the dinner table is not always an easy place for adopted or foster… Read More