Parenting with Fear

My daughter turned 30 last year. Lately I have been reflecting a lot about parenting and what makes a good parent. Especially as she begins to think about becoming a parent herself. I feel truly blessed that my… Read More

Need Help? New PACE Program Offers Personalized Support

By Carolyn Cain | PACE Supervisor As an adoption social worker in central California, I’ve had the privilege to witness firsthand the joy that comes with adopting internationally. As an adoptive parent myself, I’ve also experienced the adoption… Read More

Cultivating Multiculturalism in Transracially Adopted Families

I have been an adoptive parent for over 20 years now. Our adoption was a same-race and culture adoption, and though my family does not have to cope with the complexity of transracial adoption, I am still learning… Read More

How You Can Play, Connect and Beat the Winter Blues All at Once!

*Most activities from Theraplay ® activities flip book One of the most common struggles parents face is playing with their children. For some, it just doesn’t come natural to be playful with kids. Often, we are too heavy… Read More

Empowered to Connect Simulcast

In April, Holt International is excited to partner with the orphan care organization Show Hope to present live simulcasts of “Empowered to Connect” — a conference featuring the director of TCU’s Institute of Child Development, Dr. Karyn Purvis,… Read More

Balancing Structure and Nurture

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you were provided with a handy flow chart and manual when you became a parent? Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. And so as parents, we just keep trying — making mistakes and… Read More

Transracial Parenting Curriculum

Over the years Holt has provided different types of training on race and racism and transracial parenting.  Some parents received this training in a group setting in our PIP classes, some parents accessed on-line classes, and some parents… Read More

Communication series: Parents and adoptees talk adoption

A free, informational webinar WHEN: June 26, 2014. 5pm PST As we continue our series on communicating about adoption, Holt’s post adoption services team presents a panel discussion featuring two sets of parents and adoptees. Hear the same… Read More