Need Help? New PACE Program Offers Personalized Support

By Carolyn Cain | PACE Supervisor As an adoption social worker in central California, I’ve had the privilege to witness firsthand the joy that comes with adopting internationally. As an adoptive parent myself, I’ve also experienced the adoption… Read More

TBRI Camp Coming to Oregon, Returning to Illinois!

By Marissa Robello, LMSW, CSWA and Pam Shepard, LCSW Holt International’s branch office in Illinois, Holt-Sunny Ridge, ran its first therapeutic TBRI-based camp — the Journey of Hope — in 2017.  We are happy to announce that we will be… Read More

Know Your Attachment Style: A Deeper Look at Creating an Attachment-Rich Relationship With Your Adopted Child

Over the past 60 years, we at Holt have observed thousands of adoptive parents and children come together to form families. Each family has had a different experience. Now, as we approach our 60th anniversary this year, we… Read More

Adoption Parenting Pathways

Check out a custom-built database for adoptive families! Find resources that fit your needs. Adoption Parenting Pathways (APP) is a great feature from Adoption Learning Partners that connects families to a national database of post-adoption support and resources,… Read More

You Ain’t Crazy

Since our last newsletter, Holt hosted Jayne Schooler, author of “Wounded Children, Healing Homes,” in an excellent webinar about understanding the impact parenting traumatized children has on adoptive parents. I want to provide you with a review of… Read More

Habits for a Happy and Healthy Mealtime

By SPOON Foundation Shared mealtimes are a critical way to deepen attachment whether you have a 5 month old or a 15 year old. But the dinner table is not always an easy place for adopted or foster… Read More

You Ain’t Crazy – The Impact of Parenting a Child from a Hard Place

April 23rd at 5PM PST Holt is excited to bring you Jayne Schooler, MSB, author, educator, child advocate, project coordinator and her enlightening webinar based on her book “Wounded Children, Healing Homes.” When a child with a history… Read More

Adolescent Attachment Part 2: “Smooth Moves for Parents”

Hi Everyone, In this article, I will be reviewing what we discussed in our most recent webinar on adolescent attachment — “Smooth Moves for Parents.” The basic attachment cycle of tuning into our child, making sense of and… Read More

The Invisible Disability

In a recent article, I wrote about the difficulties parents can face with their “child from a hard place.” The hard stuff doesn’t get enough exposure. The time it takes for older children to securely attach is not… Read More

Playful Interaction: Building Powerful, Lasting Bonds with your Child

Play, play, and play! Nothing is more exhilarating to a child than to have her parent ask her, “Can I play with you?” Just ordinary, everyday play. No fancy toys. Maybe no toys at all. Fifteen minutes a… Read More