Birth Parent Fantasies

By Fran Eisenman (published by In order to grapple with the idea of a birth parent, your grade-schooler may be concocting wild fantasies. Over the years, 7-year-old Amy and her mom have had several “birth mother” talks…. Read More

Cultivating Multiculturalism in Transracially Adopted Families

I have been an adoptive parent for over 20 years now. Our adoption was a same-race and culture adoption, and though my family does not have to cope with the complexity of transracial adoption, I am still learning… Read More

“Lion” – A Movie Review

This movie really hit home. Adapted from the book “A Long Way Home,” Lion is based on a true story that is like and yet unlike any other story of loss, grief and struggling to move forward when… Read More

Roundtable Event

We recently held our second roundtable panel training event — Race/Racism & Adoptee Identity — for adoptive parents and adoption professionals in Portland, OR. The three-hour training featured a diverse panel of adult Adoptees describing the challenges of… Read More

A Review of the New Disney Movie

The new Disney movie, Moana, is a fabulous movie for everyone! But for girls of color, it is especially powerful — providing a strong, non-sexualized role model. Moana is a princess who saves her tribe and restores their… Read More

Supporting Your Child in Today’s Racial Climate

One of the things parents can easily miss in raising their children of color is racism. Children of color experience it much earlier than we might think. The curious preschooler often experiences differences among each other as a… Read More

How to Strengthen Your Child’s Self-Worth By Simply ‘Being With’

by Carly Schrimpl, LCSW and Contract Therapist at Holt-Sunny Ridge   Parents are on the frontlines for developing self-worth in their children. And yet, the power and importance of a parent’s connectedness to their child is often underestimated…. Read More

Connecting in Groups

“Stick Together.” “No hurts.”  “Have fun” (Theraplay ®). These are three very simple phrases that guide our Kids’ Connection Group at Holt-Sunny Ridge.  In July and August of 2016, eight adopted children, ages 7-11, gathered once a week… Read More

Know Your Attachment Style: A Deeper Look at Creating an Attachment-Rich Relationship With Your Adopted Child

Over the past 60 years, we at Holt have observed thousands of adoptive parents and children come together to form families. Each family has had a different experience. Now, as we approach our 60th anniversary this year, we… Read More

Birth Parent Perspective Series

For the past several editions of the PAS newsletter, we have heard the birth parent voice from the perspective of the birth parents themselves as well as the social workers who provide them with counseling and support. Today,… Read More