Happy Holidays from the Post Adoption Team

Starting a New School Year

School is starting and for many parents that means helping a new teacher understand the nuances of your child’s unique experiences.A few years ago I shared an article from the 2010 Heart of the Matter Seminars which had… Read More


Last year, we began charging for post adoption webinars, hoping to defray some of the costs associated with presenting them.  However, as the Post Adoption Services Department is committed to providing quality education to all of our families,… Read More

Where They Once Called Home: Insights into Homeland Tours

If you are thinking about, or planning, a trip to your child’s birth country, there is more to consider than travel. Learn from adopted people and adoptive parents who have taken the trip. Along with practical advice, they… Read More

Adoption Disruption / Dissolution in the News

There has been a lot of discussion in the adoption world this week regarding a series of articles produced by Reuters about families disrupting their adoptions without agency assistance.  Reuters referred to this practice as “re-homing” and the… Read More

Adoptee Services Coordinator

I’d like to introduce our newest member to our Post Adoption Team.  Pame Chow, Adoptee Services Coordinator.  Pame is an adoptive mom and has been with Holt International for 10 years.  She has worked in many different areas… Read More

The Invisible Disability

In a recent article, I wrote about the difficulties parents can face with their “child from a hard place.” The hard stuff doesn’t get enough exposure. The time it takes for older children to securely attach is not… Read More

Adoption Parenting Pathways

New from Adoption Learning Partners Adoption Parenting Pathways (APP), a tool allowing adoptive parents to find local and online resources to specifically meet their family’s needs. Use APP to search an area of concern or interest and find… Read More

Happy Holidays

From Your Post Adoption Services Team  

Internet Buyer Beware?

A word of caution:  What you find on the Web isn’t always what you need.  And it can cost you a lot of money.  I’m referring to websites that appear to offer important forms, services and advice for… Read More