Immigration & Citizenship: It’s Different for Adoptees

U.S. citizenship can be a scary subject for some Adoptees and adoptive parents. Rumors are flying, misinformation is spreading like wildfire, and fear is running high in the adoption community. Unfortunately, we don’t see any relief from these… Read More

Citizenship Information

Recently, Holt has received numerous calls and emails from families and adult adoptees regarding citizenship. To help answer questions, please see the article “The Acronyms of U.S. Citizenship” (click here). From this link you can find other useful… Read More

The Acronyms of U.S. Citizenship

SSA, DMV, USCIS, FAFSA, USDS, USDHS, CCA, COC – what do all of these acronyms have in common? U.S. citizenship, and the need to prove it.  Many of you may have run into trouble recently when trying to… Read More


Holt was recently notified that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has proposed numerous fee increases that will take effect in July of this year. The fee to obtain a new Certificate of Citizenship (COC) will increase from… Read More

Support the Adoptee Citizenship Act Today!

By Billie Loewen, Creative Lead In November 2015, Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) introduced Senate Bill 2275 — the Adoptee Citizenship Act — which will provide automatic citizenship to internationally adopted individuals who were never naturalized and are not… Read More

Citizenship Legislation

U.S. citizenship is a right that should be granted to all international Adoptees. The Child Citizenship Act of 2000 went a long way towards realizing this goal, but many Adoptees fell through the cracks as the law only… Read More

Is My Child a U.S. Citizen? – What Adoptive Parents Should Know

A Free, Informational Webinar When: August 6th, 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time Every day in the Post Adoption Services Department, our phones ring and inboxes fill with questions from adoptive families and adult adoptees. Inquiries include everything from file… Read More

Navigating the Citizenship Maze

Summer is almost here, and with this season comes the usual summer headaches.  It takes a lot of energy to coordinate vacation schedules around summer camps, clubs and scouting events, peak travel times, birthdays, and the seemingly endless… Read More

Are My Child’s Records Sealed?

One of the many questions that come across my desk is the question of sealed records.  Adoptive parents may have been told their child’s records are “sealed,” or that the child has access to their records when they… Read More

“I Thought I Was Done with Paper Work?”

Your child is home, you’ve settled in, your adoption is final, so the paperwork is done, right?  Not necessarily. If you haven’t obtained a Certificate of Citizenship for your child, your paperwork may not be over. You are… Read More