Adoption Nutrition: Hoarding Food

By SPOON Foundation Hoarding food is a common behavior in children who have been deprived of adequate sustenance early in life. It can manifest in many ways, including hiding food around the house, overeating even to the point… Read More

Call for Research Participants

We receive several requests from academics asking Holt to help recruit participants for studies on international adoption. Once we determine if the study is relevant to our work, will contribute substantially to our field, and has passed IRB… Read More

Helping Your Child: Meditation for Our Kids

Most folks think that meditation is something that “new age” adults turn to when they are stressed. Now, however, meditation is commonly used for children as young as 3 or 4 and even younger. The benefits of meditation… Read More

Picture Perfect

Picture this. An image, slightly offset of center, of a huge harvesting machine, faded red in color, contrasting against a field of golden corn and a cloudless blue sky. A plume of black diesel exhaust billows from its… Read More

Why Internationally Adopted Children Are At-Risk for Malnutrition

By SPOON Foundation The correct diagnosis of nutritional deficiencies is extremely important to help newly adopted children get off to the best start. In the third installment of “Bite Sized Tips,” a collaboration between SPOON Foundation and Adoption… Read More

Worried that You Don’t Have that Loving Feeling?

Adopting any child over the age of a year makes bonding and attachment a completely different experience. It catches many parents, especially moms, by surprise and often leaves them feeling alone, lost, guilty, angry, sad, and just about… Read More