New Webinar: International Search & Reunion

International Search & Reunion It's a Small World After All  Thursday  July 9, 2015  7-8:30pm CDT   Click here to register!   Do you know families who adopted internationally? Many parents who built their families through international adoption… Read More

Compassion and Forgiveness: Give it to Yourself First!

Compassion and forgiveness are two little words that can have a huge impact on our lives and on those around us. For parents, I think putting these words into action can be life changing. Parenting is so much… Read More

Dip, Don’t Dive

As a psychotherapist, I often find myself “defending” my vocation. Why? Society as a whole continues to view therapy as negative.  If you’re in therapy, there must be something wrong with you.  If you’re in therapy, you must… Read More

2015 Holt Picnics!

Bring family.     Bring friends.     Bring fun!  ~~ Check out all of our great locations!  

Sleep and Adoption

By Julian Davies, MD This article by Dr. Julian Davies was originally published at by the Center for Adoption Medicine at the University of Washington. Reprinted with permission. "People who say they sleep like a baby usually… Read More

Adoption Nutrition: The Transition Diet

By SPOON Foundation The transition diet is one you develop to help bridge the gap between your child’s native diet and what eventually will become her regular diet at home. Ideally this regular diet will be filled with… Read More

Birth Mother -The Forgotten Voice of Adoption

She came to the agency much like any young woman in her predicament.  She didn’t know what else to do.  Her family was unable or unwilling to help.  She informed her ex-boyfriend, but he wanted nothing to do… Read More

Gaining a New Perspective

By Amy Castle | Post Adoption Services Intern During my four years working at Holt, I’ve held several different positions within the China program: college intern, pre-travel and post placement assistant, dossier assistant, and my current position as… Read More

A Conversation Overheard

Last Saturday, I was at a parent training by a new therapist in town. I wanted to check out her parentingphilosophy before referring our parents to her. (By the way, she was right on target with brain development,… Read More

Parenting the TBRI Way

“Charlie, I need you to turn off the TV and head upstairs to do homework!” No response. Repeat the command. No response. Repeat the command.  Take away the remote control and turn off the TV yourself. Charlie now… Read More