Balancing Structure and Nurture

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you were provided with a handy flow chart and manual when you became a parent? Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. And so as parents, we just keep trying — making mistakes and… Read More

Birth Parent — The Forgotten Voice of Adoption Series Part 4

We continue our series on the birth parent voice with the perspective of Vietnamese birth parents. Thoa Bui, Holt’s senior executive for programs in South & SE Asia, has been with Holt since 1998. Thoa started working for… Read More

Selective Eating

From the SPOON Foundation Parents are often prepared for hoarding behaviors upon adoption but may be surprised when their new child refuses to eat or eats very selectively.  There are several explanations for food aversions in post-institutionalized and… Read More

Adoption-Competent Therapy vs. Regular Therapy; What is the Difference?

Often, adoptive families are appropriately vigilant about their child’s development. They will seek out therapy when their child’s emotional or behavioral issues get in the way of their child’s typical development or if they become socially disruptive among… Read More

2015 Holt Adoptee Summer Camp!

The 2015 Holt Adoptee summer camps and day camps have come to a close and we had the privilege of working with over 400 campers and parents this year. Our camps are unique among other adoption and heritage… Read More

“Inside Out” Through the Eyes of a Therapist

Disney Pixar’s newest feature film, “Inside Out,” provides viewers with the typical humor, plot, colorful characters and redeeming ending that Disney is known for. However, this movie digs deeper into how our emotions and feelings impact and regulate… Read More

Birth Parents — The Forgotten Voice of Adoption Series Part 3

This next part of our birth parent series will feature interviews with social workers in our overseas programs who have worked directly with birth mothers who have chosen to place their child for adoption. The first interview is… Read More

The Refresh Conference – a conference for foster and adoptive parents

Februray 26-27, 2016 Overlake Christian Church in Seattle, WA Refresh Conference is designed for foster and adoptive parents to be encouraged and experience a weekend of “refreshment”. Attendees will be surrounded by other people who get it- people… Read More

Post Adoption Services Launches New Website!

Holt’s post adoption services team is very excited to announce the launch of our new and improved post adoption website! It contains a wealth of information for Adoptees, adoptive parents and birth parents — including a comprehensive list… Read More

Holt Camp 2015

Holt Camp is AWESOME!