A Birthfather’s Story

By Megan Herriott | Digital Marketing Specialist The most defining moment in Rob’s life was when he held his son, Stevie, for the very first time. Rob loves his son. And he’s a part of his life. But four… Read More

The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Had To Do

By Megan Herriott | Staff Writer Fifteen years after placing her son for adoption, Gina Ledsma got in contact with Holt earlier this year. When we asked her if she was open to sharing her story, her response was… Read More

Birth Parent Fantasies

By Fran Eisenman (published by adoptivefamilies.com) In order to grapple with the idea of a birth parent, your grade-schooler may be concocting wild fantasies. Over the years, 7-year-old Amy and her mom have had several “birth mother” talks…. Read More

“Lion” – A Movie Review

This movie really hit home. Adapted from the book “A Long Way Home,” Lion is based on a true story that is like and yet unlike any other story of loss, grief and struggling to move forward when… Read More

Birth Parent Perspective Series

For the past several editions of the PAS newsletter, we have heard the birth parent voice from the perspective of the birth parents themselves as well as the social workers who provide them with counseling and support. Today,… Read More

Birth Parent — The Forgotten Voice of Adoption Series Part 5

Stigma and the Unwed Mom By Billie Loewen, Creative Lead Why does the distinction between children who have lost their parents through relinquishment or through family death or abandonment matter? It matters because if we hope to create… Read More

Our Son

My son asked me recently if I ever wrote articles for Holt’s post-adoption services newsletter that weren’t related to citizenship or documentation. When I said that I haven’t, he asked me why not. Good question. I asked him… Read More

How to Create Openness in International Adoption

Recently, the adoption and post-adoption staff at Holt went through a training given by domestic adoption social workers that opened our eyes to the difference between true “openness” in adoption versus contact with a birth family. One of… Read More

Birth Parent — The Forgotten Voice of Adoption Series Part 4

We continue our series on the birth parent voice with the perspective of Vietnamese birth parents. Thoa Bui, Holt’s senior executive for programs in South & SE Asia, has been with Holt since 1998. Thoa started working for… Read More

Birth Parents — The Forgotten Voice of Adoption Series Part 3

This next part of our birth parent series will feature interviews with social workers in our overseas programs who have worked directly with birth mothers who have chosen to place their child for adoption. The first interview is… Read More