Birth Parent — The Forgotten Voice of Adoption Series Part 5

Stigma and the Unwed Mom By Billie Loewen, Creative Lead Why does the distinction between children who have lost their parents through relinquishment or through family death or abandonment matter? It matters because if we hope to create… Read More

Our Son

My son asked me recently if I ever wrote articles for Holt’s post-adoption services newsletter that weren’t related to citizenship or documentation. When I said that I haven’t, he asked me why not. Good question. I asked him… Read More

How to Create Openness in International Adoption

Recently, the adoption and post-adoption staff at Holt went through a training given by domestic adoption social workers that opened our eyes to the difference between true “openness” in adoption versus contact with a birth family. One of… Read More

You’re so lucky: Addressing the myth of the lucky Adoptee

I was abandoned in the latter half of 1977 in Jeonju, South Korea. No name, no parting gifts or pictures. Just a 7-month-old baby boy left at a police station. Who knows why I was left? Maybe my… Read More

Birth Parent — The Forgotten Voice of Adoption Series Part 4

We continue our series on the birth parent voice with the perspective of Vietnamese birth parents. Thoa Bui, Holt’s senior executive for programs in South & SE Asia, has been with Holt since 1998. Thoa started working for… Read More

Birth Parents — The Forgotten Voice of Adoption Series Part 3

This next part of our birth parent series will feature interviews with social workers in our overseas programs who have worked directly with birth mothers who have chosen to place their child for adoption. The first interview is… Read More

Birth Mother -The Forgotten Voice of Adoption

She came to the agency much like any young woman in her predicament.  She didn’t know what else to do.  Her family was unable or unwilling to help.  She informed her ex-boyfriend, but he wanted nothing to do… Read More

Gaining a New Perspective

By Amy Castle | Post Adoption Services Intern During my four years working at Holt, I’ve held several different positions within the China program: college intern, pre-travel and post placement assistant, dossier assistant, and my current position as… Read More

Call for Research Participants

We receive several requests from academics asking Holt to help recruit participants for studies on international adoption. Once we determine if the study is relevant to our work, will contribute substantially to our field, and has passed IRB… Read More

Birth Search

In recent years, Post Adoption Services has seen an increase in the number of Adoptive Parents inquiring about Birth Parent search on behalf of their child. As a response to this rising trend, we thought we would share… Read More