From the Director of Post Adoption Services

Dear readers,

In my 15 years at Holt, I’ve seen a lot of things change within the world of adoption. One thing that’s remained consistent, though, is the variety of populations the post adoption department is responsible for serving — Adoptees, adoptive parents, birth parents, partners of Adoptees, children of Adoptees, and adoption professionals — all with significantly different expectations of what Holt can/should be doing for them. The vast differences between and within these populations require a broad approach to services, programming, training, and advocacy that is both a daunting and invigorating challenge.

We first began publishing this quarterly newsletter in October of 2009, and it’s consistently performed well as a method to reach a variety of folks. It’s allowed us to share about programs we offer, discuss pearls of wisdom we’ve gained through our work, and present a diversity of thoughts and opinions on adoption and all its complexity.

This edition gives us glances into Adoptee experiences, reflections from our camp director, and two separate articles offering their own takes on parenting concepts meant to strengthen the relationships and bonds with your children. It’s a varied group of authors with equally varied life and professional experiences that reflect our earnest attempts at representation and applicability. I hope you find something in this edition that resonates with you and I encourage you to peruse the vast library of articles we’ve published over the past ten-plus years. Thanks for reading, and we look forward to sharing with you our continued growth and understanding of this phenomena called adoption.

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