Presenting “Adoptee to Adoptee”

Over the past couple weeks, Caitlin Howe and Steve Kalb of the post-adoption department have released two brand new videos on YouTube as part of our new ongoing web series called “Adoptee to Adoptee.” This video series produced by Adoptees, for Adoptees, will cover unique topics and issues relevant for all Adoptees. The first three-part series is all about birth search. We have been dreaming of an innovative way to share expertise with Adoptees and adoptive families for a while, and it is our delight to bring relevant content directly to you through this “edutainment” medium. Adoptee representation is so important, and we know that Adoptee-created content specifically for Adoptees about adoption is not easy to come by. We want these videos to serve as a launching pad for discussion as well as a medium to affirm and empower the Adoptee experience. This is a pure process of Adoptees creating content for Adoptees and we are so excited to be able to share these videos with you. Be sure to check out our videos about birth search, and stay tuned for so much more to come!

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