Call For Research Participants

We receive several requests from academics asking Holt to help recruit participants for studies on international adoption. Once we determine if the study is relevant to our work, will contribute substantially to our field, and has passed IRB approval, we agree to help recruit. The following study is currently recruiting for participants and you may contact them directly if you’re interested.

Do you have a 5-12 year old? As part of this federally funded research, we are now actively seeking families who have experienced any of the following unique circumstances:

  • Adoption (domestic/international)

  • Temporary, prolonged separation from parent

  • Any contact with the Child Welfare System

What’s involved?

• Visit to our lab

• Play fun computer games

• Complete surveys

• Play games in a MRI brain scan

• Earn $200 for participating



For more information: 
Call: 212-851-0229


This short video shows examples of what you and your child might be asked to do during your visit.

Please click the image to play the video.

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