“Lion” – A Movie Review

This movie really hit home. Adapted from the book “A Long Way Home,” Lion is based on a true story that is like and yet unlike any other story of loss, grief and struggling to move forward when memories will no longer stay buried. Lost in India, a 5-year-old boy named Saroo manages to escape street predators and find safety in an orphanage. From there, he is adopted by a couple in Australia who go on to adopt another boy from India – providing Saroo with a brother, and a stable family. This adopted family of four has its challenges, but the story really begins years later when Saroo, now a young man, starts having flashes of memory from his childhood with his first family in India. As these flashes of his early life become more frequent, Saroo travels to India in search of his first family. Against incredible odds, Saroo is reunited with his birth parents and is able to bring his birth and adoptive families together.

This is a movie for mature audiences, and is especially poignant for adoptive parents as we witness Saroo’s pain and angst about his birth family never knowing what happened to him. Taking mature teens to this movie could provide a lot of talking points. But keep in mind that as this film is based on a true story, it may also raise adoptees’ hopes of beating all odds and finding their birth family.

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  1. Great review for a great movie lion such as this! The story line is awesome and it goes straight in the feels. I haven’t seen this movie but I got really interested after reading your review. Thanks

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