Habits for a Happy and Healthy Mealtime

By SPOON Foundation

Shared mealtimes are a critical way to deepen attachment whether you have a 5 month old or a 15 year old. But the dinner table is not always an easy place for adopted or foster kids, especially during the transition to a new family.  At mealtimes, parents may see hoarding behaviors, selective eating, or increased negative behaviors in their child.

SPOON Foundation and Adoption Learning Partners have teamed up to create a series of very short, recorded, free webinars on feeding and nutrition called “Bite Sized Tips.”  In the first webinar, Dr. Katja Rowell, a medical advisor to SPOON who is also known as the Feeding Doctor, shares her eight essential habits for creating a happy and healthy mealtime, including her #1 tip to decrease conflict: Serve meals family style.


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