Holt Adoptee Camp 2013

Greetings from rainy Eugene, Oregon! As we prepare for this year’s Adoptee Camps and Day Camps, we find ourselves getting more excited as the summer draws closer. Registration is now open for all of our events in Wisconsin, Oregon, Georgia, California and New Jersey. You can register online or over the phone with our Camp’s Registrar, Pame Chow.

As in past summers, our camps are a unique offering for Adoptees and their families as we focus on the culture of adoption – Birth Family, race, identity, community – rather than one’s birth culture. This allows us to create relevant programming for any Adoptee, regardless of where you were born or what agency you used. Over the past 8 years, this programming method has been widely acknowledged by campers and parents as an invaluable post adoption service that’s difficult to find anywhere else. We are American Camp Association accredited (for more information about ACA accreditation, please visit their website) with award-winning camp programming.

Our camps will see some change this summer. We made the difficult and sad decision to close our Iowa camp. Its 13 seasons and hundreds of campers have carved out their own place in Holt history and the Adoptee community. I recognize that our ability to serve the Adoptive Family has slightly diminished with this loss, but my hope is to continue to serve as many of you as possible with alternate camp locations.

A change that I’m excited about is our interim Camp Director, Tracy Foley. Tracy works full time in our Eugene office and has been a program director for our camps the past 2 seasons. Tracy brings experience, energy, and passion to the Camp Director position and is working closely with Pame Chow and me to make sure this will be another great summer at Holt Camp.

Holt Adoptee Camp is a special place. It’s a place where community is born and nurtured. It’s a place where Adoptees can leave the pressure of adoption at home, because people there just “get it.” It’s an environment that’s been tailored to the Adoptee through the lived experiences of our youngest day campers through international adoption’s first generation. It’s a place where all of us, Adoptees and Adoptive Parents, learn how to share with each other about that which is fundamentally most important to our families; adoption.

For more information about our Adoptee Camps, please visit our website www.holtintl.org/camp or contact our Camp’s Registrar, Pame Chow, at pamec@holtintl.org.

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