File Copies for Adoptees

What is in my file?

If you were adopted through Holt International Children’s Services in the United States, Holt can provide copies of your child materials and other adoption-related documents. Adult adoptees may request copies of their child materials from their U.S. and in some cases your international file.

 Your U.S. file generally contains the same documents that were provided to your adoptive parents at the time of your adoption. Your international file may or may not have additional documents depending on the circumstances surrounding your relinquishment, and the amount of information available to Holt at that time.

Click a country to learn more about obtaining copies of your file.

Holt’s Services for Adoptees may be limited if we no longer have any connections with our overseas partner in your birth country.

To determine what services Holt can provide we must first confirm that we participated in your adoption. Once this has been verified, you’ll receive an email and further instructions.

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