File Copies – Adoptive Parents

What is in an Adoptee file?

If you adopted your child through Holt International Children’s Services in the United States, Holt can provide copies of their child materials and other adoption related documents. These should be the same documents you received when your child came home.  Documents can be lost over times, and Holt endeavors to help you replace these valuable pieces of history.  You can also request copies of your home study and final post-placement report if these were complete by a Holt International social worker.

In cases where the adoptee is now age 18 or over, we are unable to provide child material copies to adoptive parents.  Please have your adult child contact us directly.

Holt’s Services for Adoptees may be limited if we no longer have any connections with our overseas partner in your birth country.

To determine what services Holt can provide we must first confirm that we participated in your adoption. Once this has been verified, you’ll receive an email and further instructions.

All Other Countries